MARCH 7 - MAY 15, 2019


This series of sculptural furniture expresses the personal investigation of the artist straddling life and death, nature and civilization, preservation and transformation. The images used to build the bodies of the pieces are references emerging from a lifetime of photographic clippings accumulated in the midst of magazines, pornography, art history, and personal photos. 

After having been directly UV printed on wood with a multilayered ink process, the images are cut out and assembled onto classic furniture forms. This anthology of memories, visions and experiences allows Biagi to draw directly from his subconscious to create these three-dimensional statuary collages.  Each piece is unique.

The use of construction site materials within the exhibition space offers a modern, urban contrast to the historical sculpture motifs. Biagi references Federico Fellini’s film Roma in the installation, developing the concept through the clever usage of light and space to create a theatrical and immersive experience.